Physalin B & Physalin F yang terdapat dari Golden Berry dipercaya dapat berfungsi sebagai immunomodulator dengan cara meningkatkan kemampuan makrofag dalam tubuh dan menghambat produksi Nitric Oxide.

A pharmacological comprehensive review on ‘rassbhary’ physalis angulata (l.)



The present review article reveals the importance of species Physalis angulata (L.) of the genus Physalis (L.) distributed worldwide including India. Physalis species are perennial, erect and variously having toothed or lobed leaves. Physalis angulata (L.) belongs to the family Solanaceae, includes about 120 species with different and specific herbal characters. On the basis of these herbal characters, the plant is traditionally used as medicine to cure various disorders like asthma, kidney, bladder, jaundice, gout, inflammations, cancer, digestive problems and diabetes etc. P. angulata is a source of the variety of phytoconstituents like phytosteroles, withangulatin A, a variety of physalins and flavonol glycoside etc. The plant extracts from the different parts having different pharmacological activities such as anti-cancerous, immunomodulatory, anti-diabetic, diuretic and anti-bacterial. In this article cytomorphological, phytochemical, biological activities and ethnobotanical inputs have been extensively recorded for P. angulata (L.).