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The effect of cucumber juice (cucumis sativus) to blood pressure drop in elderly hypertension patients at tresna werdha budi sejahtera social institution of banjarbaru south borneo 2017



Introduction: Hypertension is a degenerative disease that becomes a major problem in society, especially elderly. Hypertensioncauses complications of cerebral hemorrhage, heart failure, kidney failure, and blindness due to rupture of blood vessels.

Objective: Analyze the effect of cucumber juice on blood pressure in elderly with hypertension  at Tresna Werdha Budi Sejahtera Social Institution of Banjarbaru South Borneo 2017.

Method: Quasi experiments with Ones group pre-post test design. Total of samples are 35 people taken using purposive sampling technique. Normality test using Shapiro-wilk and statistical analyze using Paired t-test. 200g of cucumber juice mix on 100 ml water, drink twice a day during morning and afternoon

Result: Systolic blood pressure decreased after cucumber juice therapy with 149,68 mmHg to 136.65 mmHg and p value 0.00 (p<0.05)  and  diatolic blood pressure decreased after cucumber juice therapy  with 95.99 mmHg to 80.09 mmHg and p value p-=0,000Diastolic blood pressure after giving cucumber juice was 89,08 mmHg (± 3,355 mmHg), lower than diastolic blood pressure before giving cucumber juice which is 95,88 mmHg (± 3,332 mmHg).

Conclusion: Cucumber juice can lower blood pressure in elderly hypertension patients.